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I miss JUMP!!!~

For those who love JUMP.. Please read this!!!

Last night, i just finished watching JUMP on Music Station Super Live. And whoaaa.... You'll never knew how much i miss them as a group. When i watch that last night, i feel like crying! Seriously! I miss them very much!! So i can't stop taking some snapshots..

somebody!! Please stop me!!

Stop stop stop!!!!

Fuuuh~ Thats the last one but i warned you again. This is gonna be a very long post!
Okay~ Back to our topic.. I really miss JUMP! Its really hard to see JUMP as JUMP lately.


Yeah.. you know.. With all the NYC boys thingy. So yama-chan and chii already busy with the group's activities. Until now.. I can't accept Johnny decision that he send NYC boys instead of JUMP to kohaku. I know.. Its tomorrow but i hate this decision!!! The real idea is, they just a temporary group! When the volleyball season end.. There will be no more NYC boys. THATS THE FIRST TRUE IDEA! But now... There are some rumor or news that NYC boys is not temporary anymore. Are you kidding me!!!???? If they debut.. I promise you Johnny! I WILL KILL YOU!!!

For those who don't understand why i am soooo mad if NYC debut.. I will tell you guys the reasons!
If they debut... Yama-chan and chii will be a lot more busier with their (NYC) concert and TV shows and stuff.. And it will be a lot more hard to see JUMP as JUMP!!! Or maybe one day, if Johnny only have zero interest in JUMP... He will disband  them! And there will no more HEY! SAY !JUMP!! Hey, That IS possible!!!
I 100% wouldn't want that!!!!
Do you????!!!!

2nd: Twin
(I don't know if you guys already heard about this rumor or not... ) Johnny are thinking about making yama-chan and chii a duo. They will be name as 'TWIN'. Like tegomass or shuji to akira. Well, i admit that i love both of them but if they debut as twin.. What about other members???!!!!! What about JUMP!!!???? If you guys don't understand me... Well just imagine if ohno and nino from arashi gonna debut as a duo.. Like that?? Or kame and jin??? Somebody may like that but i'm not!!!

Just think.. How about the other member.. How about yuto? How about keito? How about ryutaro? How about my precious pretty inoo?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd: Johnny doesn't care about JUMP anymore
If  you guys remember... When is the last time JUMP release a single? Yeah!! The last one is MAYONAKA NO SHADOW BOY!! Its almost a year!! Maybe already more than that! Do you wanna wait another 100 year to release them a new single, Johnny??!!!!

Huuuuuuuuuuhh~ I am not finished yet! If  i wanna write all of my disagree... It will take a month, no no.. A thounsands of year to finish it!!! I mean it!!! I want JUMP!! I miss them as JUMP! I know that my ichiban is yamada and inoo but I love JUMP more than other group! I love JUMP themself!! Not only a few member!! I want JUMP!!! TT________________________________________TT
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