yamaidayuto (yamaidayuto) wrote,

you will always be in my heart mimi~

 My bestest-best and nobody-in-this-whole-wide-world-can-never-replace friend, mimi [[info]lucky_chamy ] had died because of bleeding in her brain a few days ago. The doctor said that maybe she had a huge fall or knock her head really hard in her last camping in January 2010. The most shocking thing is, when she got back from the camp, we keep messaging each other and she sounds 100% okay!! But just now, her mom give me a message that she is ummmmmm............ she......... she is... gone!!!! We really did share almost everything together! She is like my other self. And we both supposed to take PMR this year. I wanna flail with her more!! I wanna hear good and sad stories from her more! I want us to share good PMR result!!! She has been a really good friend! I love her so damn much. I can't cry because of major shockness!!!! Lets all pray for her peace in heaven.

-Her mom says i'm the last person she contact & message. that makes me more and more sad!!
-And she died at a very very young age!! Not even 15 yet!!!
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