yamaidayuto (yamaidayuto) wrote,

tadaimaa :D

 Whoaa. Its been really a while since i last updated my beloved livejournal. This past months have been really busy with all the studies and stuff. And now i'm free! I can smell the scent of freedom and its priceless! I really miss my LJ friends TT__TT. Miss my fangirling-moments and not-to-forget; miss my ichiban group Hey! Say! JUMP!! Must catch-up with JUMP's updates A.S.A.P. I've been really slow in their updates this year. Believe it or not, i didn't watch Hidari Metantei Eye yet! And the making of Hitomi No Screen too. OMG i must must must download all their videos now. See you soon :) jaa neh~
Tags: hey! say! jump
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