yamaidayuto (yamaidayuto) wrote,

My worst nightmare.

Woah did i really? Yeah, i did. I did not post a single journal for the past 1 year. And it just totally vicious. This is all the exam's fault. (Yes yes i know, that's the part of life isn't it?) I hate the exam. Can't i just turn into a cute little rabbit and bounced away? *Sigh* i think not. And to my fellow fangirls comrades, I'm sorry for not been in touch in several years lately. Unfortunately, i have to keep doing it because i will have my most important exam next year (2012). This is the exam that really determine my future. The SPM. Every 17-year-olds Malaysian student must take it. Yeah yeah i'm not ready at all for it!

You know what? I really freaking miss HSJ. I honestly do! I failed as a fangirl. I failed as their fangirl! But i think, i'm not going to be on hiatus forever. That's insane! I will resume my job as a one true fangirl when SPM 2012 is over. But yeah, that's nearly 12 months from now. But what do i care anyway? I will re-pay my debt to my fandom as soon as the bloody exam is over. Just watch me! And when that moment come, nobody can stop me! NOBODY! Muahahaha!! (Okay, that came out wrong wasn't it? I can be really carried away most of the time sometimes. LOL) 

BTW, this journal will never be dead. This is always an active journal. As long as HSJ is still working their butt off somewhere in this earth, this fangirl will never stop flailing. Yakusoku da! >O</

To my LJ friends, wait for me. I will be more active than ever starting at the end of 2012. I know it's a long way from now but just don't delete me from your friend-list ne~ Hehehehe. (I really do sound pathetic :P)

I think that's all for now. Goodbye peeps. Goodbye Hey! Say! JUMP. Matta ne.

P/s : I sound really emotional. Really. I think i am though. 
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