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For me, JUMP will always be 10.

I know it almost 2 years since Morimoto Ryutaro left Hey! Say! JUMP but until today, i really hope that one day, Ryutaro will return. I keep praying that. I know that it will be impossible but i just can't accept JUMP without Ryutaro. I know that what he did was against the law but i think Johnny should gives him another chance. I mean, he was just 15 years old in that picture. He was at his rebellion stage. They should understand that. Of course, a punishment is obviously necessary but to be thrown out from the group was so unfair.

I always think things like "What is Ryutaro doing right now?"  "Did he still go out with JUMP member?" "If he sees JUMP on TV, what does he feels?". Thinking like this make me sad. I want to see more of him. And then last night, I re-marathon-ing JUMP performances. When he was dancing during 'Arigatou, sekai no doko ni itemo' and all other songs, he looks very happy and very serious in doing his part. He really work hard in becoming an idol. I definitely miss him. Sometimes, i wonder why do i miss him so much? He is not my ichiban. Never was. But then, i realized. With his childish,  sometimes-stubborn and always-trying-to-act-cool character, he made the group complete.

I also wonder what do other JUMP member thinks about Ryutaro absence. I mean, they overcome many obstacle together as a member for four years. Four years may doesn't sound like a very long period but just imagine, you have to separate with a friend who you survive through hardships together for four years? It must be hard.




 I wish for Morimoto Ryutaro's happiness in whatever he do.
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