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Asa ga itsumo kuru youni, toki wa itsumo atarashii.

Just like how morning always arrives, time always renews itself.

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CREDITS: userpic by yamaidayuto, lucky_chamy, marielmorimoto, keisushi_gakuin & yamada_love

i am a teenage girl from malaysia. aida desu. this year would be 14. feel free to add me & no need to comment first before adding since i'm not really an important/a wanted person. but do comment my post sometimes, onegaishimasu. still searching for JE fangirls here~
well, as you can see, i am a HUGE fan of HSJ & Bis. my ichiban HSJ member is yamada ryosuke & inoo kei. still choosing between them two but i end up thinking 'why don't i grab both?'.. my fav otp is yamajima @ hikainoobu. i just love to see their bond ♥♥
still learning the japanese language. i'm only know the basic ones. and i'm sorry if my english is kind of hard-to-understand. i am REALLY SLOW in exploring LJ. all i do is asking people. i guess i've annoyed & irritated some of my LJ friends. gomennasai! minna *bows*


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